At Mondo Robot I assisted in the development of a family of products for Retül — custom bike fitter owned by Specialized. Our first task was the Digital Sitbone Device (DSD), a device designed to fit riders with a saddle by reading the pressure from their sitbones.
Following the success of the DSD we were tasked with expanding to an in-store fitting experience called Match — a tower outfitted with Retül tech capable of measuring riders for bikes and shoes with millimeter accuracy.
All of this data needed a home and thus, Passport was born, a rider-focused portal for housing all of the information collected during any of Retül's many experiences. 
Following Passport we refreshed Retül's website with a custom Squarespace solution.
Finally, I created a series of 3D illustrations aimed at assisting Retül fitters during their assessments.
Animated product renderings for the redesigned
The Match tower in action
Passport designs complete with 3D illustrations and product renderings
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